Virtual Assistant Networking #1 Most Important Step to Get Clients

The MOST important step that you MUST take when you become a virtual assistant is networking! Yes, you can join a bunch of job boards, but I found those to be frustrating and unproductive. They often charge a fee to be a member, and most of the job opportunities I received were obvious scams.
I have been networking on quite a few Facebook groups and have almost sold out my services (room for 1-2 more clients!) in about 1 month. And honestly, it has been a lot of fun! I have made friends with people all over the USA and Canada and I love it. In addition to getting clients, you will also have an amazing group of people who will support and teach you along the way!

my favorite places to start virtual assistant networking:

  1. Sign up for 191 Facebook Groups for Bloggers.  Miranda’s list gives you a ton of groups that are great for bloggers and VAs for 2 reasons, opportunities to learn and bloggers are often looking for help  for Miranda’s Freebie, Click here.
  2. Create Your Laptop Life is amazing network and online classes here for digital marketing and virtual assisting.  A huge part of why I have progressed so much so fast!
  3. Another awesome network for social media managers is Social Media University.  Rachel Pederson is energetic and fun, has easy courses and best of all a great Facebook network:  Click here.
  4. And don’t forget the obvious: friend and family! Reach out and ask if they or someone they know may need your services!  Since starting up my business, I have noticed many of my friends are looking to have a website built or advertising on social media.  They get excited that someone they know can help them further their business goals.

If you want to be in this biz, get your networking on!  Get out there, ask questions, answer questions, be encouraging, private message someone and tell them how you like their website or blog post.  I got an awesome client from private messaging a lady that made me laugh on a Facebook thread.  Turns out she was looking for help.  Wah-lah!  The ways that business will come from little things, will surprise you!



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