Your new business BFF

I’m the #boss of a social media marketing company, focused on purpose driven strategy. I believe that every business owner should have an authentic community and go after their dreams!

Journey Virtual Solutions is here to help coaches, psychologists, fitness gurus, businesses like yours, have booming social media channels that create a genuine sense of community. The truth is, most entrepreneurs spend so much time trying to crack the social code on their own that they forget the whole point of why they are there. To build genuine connection with people who need their content. Consider me the ace up your sleeve!

At Journey Virtual Solutions, we specialize in creating purpose driven strategies

that speak to your target audience. And the best part? You’re not in it alone!

Mari's Story

I’m Mari, the CEO of Journey Virtual Solutions, a social media and digital marketing agency which specializes in supporting entrepreneurs make a lasting impression on their ideal clients and building genuine community. 

My husband and I live in Utah. We chase after FOUR boys to all their soccer games and attempt to keep up with last minute science projects. My superpower is running my own businesses while keeping up with THEM! (#outnumbered)

Here’s the thing: I get it! I have been there--I have been a

college student, worked full time, been a working mom, a stay at home mom of 4 BOYS, and now a business-owning-full-time-mom-badass!

I started my biz to make a little extra money for the family, and I got hooked. I LOVE what I do, and the dream builders I get to work with. I created Journey Virtual Solutions to support other mom bosses on their entrepreneurial journey! My dream is to show other moms that it is possible to go after their dreams and be a great mom.

Everyone has a dream--but sometimes it feels out of reach when you’re juggling a business, 9 to 5, motherhood and being a wifey, not to mention having a social life and getting your hair out of a mom-bun occasionally.  (Personally I’m a big fan of the mom-bun!)

social media manager

Group Admin Support

  • Moderate posts and keep peace
  • Enforce rules
  • Approve members
  • Welcome members
  • Answer questions
  • Schedule provided content
  • Encourage engagement
  • Daily prompts

Expert Community Management

  • Content curation
  • Graphics
  • Themes
  • Viral content posting
  • Monthly themes
  • Calendar planning
  • Scheduling content
  • Daily prompts
  • Group set up
  • Rules established
  • Calls to action

Facebook Business Management

  • Strategy -Know, Like, Trust
  • Guidance for presence and engagement
  • Content creation and curation
  • Graphics
  • Drive traffic to group, website, sales page, email list
  • Engagement focus
  • Stats tracked/ strategy adjusted


  • Strategy
  • Pins 3 per blog post
  • Scheduled in Tailwind
  • Branded board covers
  • 20-40 pins/ day
  • Optimize profile
  • Set up boards w/ strategy
  • Copy and keywords
  • Utilize tribes (if requested)
  • Focus on drive traffic, engagement, sales

"My dream is to show other moms that it is possible to go after their dreams and be a great mom."

Your Next Business BFF

The last thing you need to be worried about as a busy entrepreneur are the time consuming tasks of running your social media accounts and creating visibility!  

THIS is where my team and I come in. As an ENFP (thoughtful, creative social butterfly), I chose to focus services on all things social media- obviously! I’m an emoji freak, slang geek and a #hashtagenthusiast. I love all things Facebook and Pinterest.  My biggest thrill is creating community for my clients. I also love writing blog posts and creating content. <3

My goal is to not only take the tedious tasks off your massive to-do list, but also to use social media platforms to create brand awareness and an amazing community full of engaged fans.

If social media’s got you like “I can’t even”, let us help you... Crush it!

What Others Say


Mari has been such an asset as I grow my community on Facebook. She's worked for me for 10 months now and I cannot recommend her enough. She's organized, forward-thinking, not afraid to challenge me to be a better business owner and community leader, and she's one of the most down-to-earth, authentic people I know. Thank you so much, Mari!

Amy Smith 

Website Designer


Mari and I met in a Social Media Mastermind group and she quickly stood out to me as someone who knows their field. She is incredibly supportive of others, helpful, and knowledgeable about social media, as well as the larger digital market. 

Her background as a VA makes her highly valuable to her clients, no matter what industries they are in. But her commitment to learning and growth is what I think sets Mari apart from others in her field. She would be an excellent addition to any team that she works to support.

Kelly Gomez
Digital Marketer


 I really loved having Mari's help manage my Facebook communities. She was able to help me keep on top of my notifications and assist in providing people with the resources they needed. She has a really great friendly tone that was exactly what I was looking for. She's also really easy to communicate with.

Miranda Nahmias
VA + Marketer

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