Why Being a Social Media Manager is Awesome

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Have you ever thought about freelancing to make money?  Most people know that you can make money doing transcription and data entry.  You may have even heard about virtual assisting.  A less well known freelancing career is Social Media Management (SMM).  Managers specialize in helping businesses become well-known, building relationships with customers, and staying on top of the latest trends in the online universe.  SMMs do everything from creating quotes and pictures to share on Facebook and Instagram to helping businesses sell their products on social media.  In my opinion, there are lots of reasons why being a social media manager is the coolest job ever.  

top reasons being a social media manager is awesome:

As mentioned, lesser known field for freelancing, is social media managment.  There is  high-demand for awesome managers.  The SMM field isn’t overly saturated, like you might see in transcription and data entry.  Social media is getting busier because social media platforms are booming.  Facebook alone just passed 2 billion users!

You can make good money as a SMM.  It’s perfect for the stay-at-home-mom who wants to add to the family income.  There is also potential to be a full-time business owner making five figures a month.  It is up to you how big you want your business to be, who you want to serve, and how much income you bring in based on how much you want to hustle.

SMM skills are highly sought after.  Not a day goes by that I don’t see people looking for an expert in graphics, branding, marketing, content planning, scheduling, relationship building, community management, fb ads, sales funnels, etc.

Exciting and Interesting:

Social media is fast paced, exciting and challenging. For example, SMMs have to figure out how to get attention and response for clients with interesting and boring products.  They have to keep up with new trends, Facebook’s ever changing rules, Instagram’s hashtag system,  and the speed of Tweets.  For anyone who enjoys a challenge and solving puzzles, this is a fun gig.

Social Media Manager

Ask any SMM, a rush hits when one of your posts succeed.  When your post has reached hundreds of people or has gone mini-viral or viral, it is a thrill.  If you’re the kind of person who gets a kick out of beating numbers from yesterday, you’ll love this job.

Social media management has a positive and exciting energy.  Social media doesn’t feel like work a lot of the times.   There is a lot to do and sometimes there’s bad days, but overall it’s interesting and exciting. Seriously, what is more fun than social media?

With social media management you’re able to achieve things that you never thought possible.  For example, you are able to tweet and connect with someone that you would never be able to shake hands with in real life.  You are also able to influence others to back up a cause, buy a product, and take a course.  You are able to get your information out to millions of people, rather than the local community.

Commercials, billboards and print ads all give information and that’s the end of it. Social media does not just tell the customer what they want them to know about their products.  In social media, there is a two-way relationship between client and customer, and it is the SMM’s job to help build those relationships.

The best Networks:

One of my favorite things I have found as a SMM is that there is an awesome network of social media managers out there.  There are people willing to share their knowledge and encourage you on your path as a SMM.  Rachel Pedersen’s Social Media United is my favorite community.  She has a free group– Become a Social Media Manager and a membership group which includes all the training you need as well as the best community support for SMMs at Social Media United.

Bonus reasons:

I can’t neglect the fun reasons it’s awesome to be a social media manager.  SMMs can work in your home office, on the couch, on vacation and on your own time schedule.   You never have to miss important events for kids and family functions.   You no longer have to fight traffic and answer to a boss.  Picture this:  working in your jammies, eating ice cream with Netflix on in the background.  (This is the life!)  This is not to suggest that being an SMM is a lazy job, not at all.  You definitely get out of it what you put into it and the awesome part is that you run the show.  

I would have laughed if someone had told me years ago, making money on social media was possible.  SMM is a fast paced, challenging, and exciting money maker. Social media is all about people and connecting with others and influencing people.


Virtual Assistant Networking #1 Most Important Step to Get Clients

The MOST important step that you MUST take when you become a virtual assistant is networking! Yes, you can join a bunch of job boards, but I found those to be frustrating and unproductive. They often charge a fee to be a member, and most of the job opportunities I received were obvious scams.
I have been networking on quite a few Facebook groups and have almost sold out my services (room for 1-2 more clients!) in about 1 month. And honestly, it has been a lot of fun! I have made friends with people all over the USA and Canada and I love it. In addition to getting clients, you will also have an amazing group of people who will support and teach you along the way!

my favorite places to start virtual assistant networking:

  1. Sign up for 191 Facebook Groups for Bloggers.  Miranda’s list gives you a ton of groups that are great for bloggers and VAs for 2 reasons, opportunities to learn and bloggers are often looking for help  for Miranda’s Freebie, Click here.
  2. Create Your Laptop Life is amazing network and online classes here for digital marketing and virtual assisting.  A huge part of why I have progressed so much so fast!
  3. Another awesome network for social media managers is Social Media University.  Rachel Pederson is energetic and fun, has easy courses and best of all a great Facebook network:  Click here.
  4. And don’t forget the obvious: friend and family! Reach out and ask if they or someone they know may need your services!  Since starting up my business, I have noticed many of my friends are looking to have a website built or advertising on social media.  They get excited that someone they know can help them further their business goals.

If you want to be in this biz, get your networking on!  Get out there, ask questions, answer questions, be encouraging, private message someone and tell them how you like their website or blog post.  I got an awesome client from private messaging a lady that made me laugh on a Facebook thread.  Turns out she was looking for help.  Wah-lah!  The ways that business will come from little things, will surprise you!



Get to Know Your Clients Better

As Virtual Assistants, Social Media Managers, Graphic Design Artists, and Online Business Managers, I think we all know how important a good working relationship is with our clients. This relationship goes through several stages, including getting a lead, introduction, discovery call, on-boarding and then on going team work. When you have a new client, it is important to get to know them better.

One thing that is typically universal is that people like to talk about themselves and their goals. Getting your client talking is important, but how do you know what to ask? We want to show them we care about the big picture their business. We can ask the basic questions about needs, get their accounts and passwords and such. But if we can get a little deeper and really understand who they are and what their vision for their business is, our beginning working relationship is even better.

I created a questionnaire that has 10 questions that I am planning to ask each new client, so I can get to know them better. Feel free to download it and use it yourself, just  come by and like my Facebook page! Pretty Please?



I can’t remember exactly when the wanderlust bug hit me, but it bit hard. To be honest, I have traveled relatively little. I have never seen the ocean. I haven’t left the States. But what traveling I have done, has infected me with a passion to see the rest of the world.

But in spite of my limited world travels, I have been on many journeys, as we all have. Whether you have been on the journey of figuring out who you are as a teen, the journey of marriage and family, education and career, weight gain and recovering fitness, loss and healing– we all have journeys that have shaped us into the people we are.

I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and this has always been my passion. I have enjoyed studying developmental psychology, introspective psychology, learning what makes people tick, and my favorite, positive psychology. I have also been studying the Laws of the Universe.  I consider myself a student of success. I love uplifting and encouraging people to be the best they can be and believe in themselves. I love setting goals and taking steps to achieve those goals. I love watching other people do the same. I am for supporting others who want to improve their lives!

I work with the people who specialize in supporting us through those journeys, psychologists, life coaches, mommy bloggers, health and fitness coaches–anyone who is working to improve other’s lives. My goal is to help you along your journey of entrepreneurship, to help your job be as easy and effective as possible. I want to use my knowledge and skills to help you reach your clients and help you both achieve your goals.

How I can help you:
*Social Media Management
*Research and Content for Blogs
*Transcription and Data Entry
*Proofreading and Editing
*Creating Opt-ins and PDFs
*Other Customizable Services

If you are like me, then I am the Virtual Assistant you need!

Get to know me better by scheduling a FREE consultation or by emailing me for more details.


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